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OUR KYC with Assure DeFiOUR

The Dare AI Is Now KYC ASSURED✨✅™️ by Assure DeFi™️.

We are proud & excited to announce that The Dare AI has now been APPROVED and has completed the KYC verification process with The Verification Gold Standard™️, Assure DeFi™️

You can view our compliance NFT here:

We are committed to holding our leadership accountable for the sake of our investors and we believe this to be a strong positive step for our community.

We aim to build community trust and confidence in the project & are proud to deliver this next step in the evolution of The Dare AI!

Assure DeFi offers one the most robust and highly differentiated KYC verification services for projects in the crypto space and this is why we chose them to work with us.  The processes that they have pioneered as the industry-leader to provide an accountability path for scammers is ground-breaking, the depth of the verification is world-class and we fully support initiatives such as this to rid the space of bad actors.  We’re thrilled to have a platform that has allowed our team to gain additional credibility & differentiate The Dare AI amongst other project leaders who are not as willing to hold themselves accountable. We hope our community is as excited as we are to announce to the world that the project is now offically KYC ASSURED✨✅™️!

Learn more about Assure’s KYC verification below:

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