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partnership with gempad


In the ever-evolving world of blockchain and cryptocurrency, it’s crucial to find a trustworthy and efficient platform to launch and grow your projects. That’s why I’m thrilled to announce that we have decided to partner with GemPad, a launchpad that offers a unique and inclusive approach to launching and investing in the best projects. In this blog post, I’ll discuss the reasons behind our decision to partner with GemPad and how their innovative platform and Diamond Tier will help elevate our project to new heights.


Why GemPad?


GemPad’s mission is to democratize the process of launching projects and tokens by offering a wide range of services to users and project-owners alike. Their community-driven approach ensures that everyone has a say in the projects launched on their platform, fostering a supportive and inclusive ecosystem.

One of the key reasons we’ve chosen GemPad is their unmatched support, Hype and competitive fee structure. Their team is dedicated to helping projects succeed, offering assistance every step of the way. Furthermore, their low fees make it accessible for projects of all sizes to benefit from their services.

Tiered System and Diamond Tier

GemPad’s tiered system allows them to cater to projects of all sizes and stages. From the smallest startups to well-established ventures, they offer a variety of launch types including presales, special sales, and more.

Our project has been placed in the Diamond Tier, GemPad’s highest and most exclusive tier. This tier is reserved for only the best projects and comes with a host of benefits and stringent safety measures. Projects in the Diamond Tier must:

  1. Pass the process of KYC+ with Assure Defi.
  2. Have their contract audited.
  3. Apply and pass the process of Vetting, a unique safety measure exclusive to GemPad.

These rigorous requirements ensure that projects in the Diamond Tier are as safe and trustworthy as possible, providing peace of mind to both project owners and investors.

A Safer and More Transparent Launchpad

GemPad’s commitment to safety and transparency is another reason we’ve chosen to partner with them. Projects in their Platinum Tier are also required to pass KYC+ with Assure Defi and have their contracts audited. This makes them as safe as it gets, offering a level of trust and assurance that is often lacking in the world of cryptocurrencies.

Partnering with GemPad and utilizing their Diamond Tier is a significant milestone for our project. Their dedication to safety, transparency, and community involvement aligns perfectly with our values, making them the ideal launchpad to propel our project to success. By leveraging the power of GemPad’s innovative platform, we’re excited to embark on this journey and bring our vision to life, knowing that we’re supported by a trusted and forward-thinking partner.

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