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Welcome to your The Dare

When you meet new people, do you:

Quickly strike up a conversation with them
Take your time getting to know them
Do you prefer to:

Have a few close friends
Have many acquaintances
When you have a problem to solve, do you:

Prefer to think about it on your own
Like to discuss it with others
Are you more:

Logical and analytical
Creative and intuitive
Do you:

Enjoy the present moment
Prefer to plan for the future
Are you more:

Practical and realistic
Imaginative and idealistic
Do you:

Prefer to stick with the tried-and-true
Enjoy taking risks and trying new things
Are you more:

Reserved and private
Outgoing and sociable
When making a decision, do you:

Rely on your instincts and feelings
Weigh all the pros and cons
Are you more:

Structured and organized
Flexible and spontaneous
Are you more:

Practical and pragmatic
Idealistic and visionary

When it comes to making decisions, are you more:

Rational and logical
Emotional and intuitive
Are you more:

Reserved and introverted
Outgoing and extroverted
When working on a project, do you:

Like to have a detailed plan in place
Prefer to work more spontaneously
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